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Deutsch adviser | katalog, nachrichten, dienstleistungen in Deutschland
Deutsch adviser | katalog, nachrichten, dienstleistungen in Deutschland
Wallstraße 15, 10179 Berlin, Deutschland
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E-mail: Baltias.com@gmail.com

About the Deutsch Adviser team

     Deutsch-Adviser was created for residents and tourists of Germany. In the catalog we have collected the best catering companies: cafes, clubs, restaurants, coffee houses; pharmacies, medical clinics and dentistry; car services, car rental points; services of local guides, travel agencies; superparquets and discounters.

Deutsch-Adviser is also a news site that publishes daily up-to-date information about business, economics, medicine, politics, sports, gadgets and cars.

For our readers, we collect and publish information about discounts and promotions in popular online clothing, furniture and technology stores. We provide free discount coupons and publish promotional codes.

The Deutsch-Adviser team does daily work so that residents and guests of Germany can easily find the goods and services they are interested in in their city, read and share reviews and recommendations, as well as keep abreast of current events and benefit from our discount purchases and promotional codes.